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An exclusive collection of 28 full-length audio interviews with some of the worlds most talented and influential photographers working today. Listening to these interviews will give you insight and education into their path to photographic success, and how how you might follow in their footsteps.

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  • Joseph Linaschke on Business Sense – Diversification of your business and staying current are the names of the game. Joseph explains how he is building a next-generation personal business, and having a great time doing it.
  • Jeff Schewe on Photoshop – A pioneer in the world of Adobe and Photoshop, Jeff shares some insight into how he was able to help in the creation of both Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Zach Prez on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engines have become part of our every day lives. And from a business perspective, understanding how they work and how to get your business found is becoming more and more fundamental.
  • Victor Cajiao on Podcasting – A veteran podcast and photographer, Victor talks about his beginnings and also how he went on to host one of the Internets most popular Macintosh and photography-related podcasts.
  • Chris Orwig on Inspiration – Looking inside yourself to find inspiration is how Chris approaches the issue of staying fresh. He’s an educator, a photographer, and an all-around good guy. In this discussion you’ll learn how to stay inspired.
  • Joey Lawrence on Commercial Photography – Relatively new to photography, JoeyL has surpassed many folks that have been shooting for decades. He has an undeniable talent and charisma, and shares some thoughts on his success.
  • Alex Lindsay on Mastering Many Media – A true “multi-mediaographer”, Alex is a leader, a friend, a producer, and on-air talent. In this interview you’ll learn what it takes to keep many projects moving forward — simultaneously.
  • Chris Marquardt on Retrography – Taking a step back from all of the plug-ins, megapixels, high-ISOs, and the like, Chris is doing the “non-conformist” thing and returning to (or at least experimenting with) film, and non-digital workflows.
  • Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir on Self-Portraiture – A pioneer in the art form of self-portraiture, Rebekka reveals some of the secrets to how she created an amazing body of work. You’ll learn how you too can begin experimenting with multiple-exposure photography.
  • Natalie Dybisz on Self-Portraiture – In just a few short years, Natalie has created a truly stunning portfolio. She has been published numerous times, teaches workshops, and has even published a popular book. Learn all about this amazing talent.
  • Rich Legg on iStock Photography – Making a good living shooting so-called “microstock” isn’t easy. Rich shares some priceless tips to how you too can build a successful business selling microstock.
  • John Philpin on Flash-based Websites – In this interview, Livebooks marketing executive John Philpin expalins how they are helping photographers succeed.
  • Hollingsworth on iPhoneography – The iPhone has become both ubiquitous, and indispensable. In this intervew Jack explains why he believes all roads lead to iPhone.
  • Heather Champ on Flickr – Once poised to literally control how photos are shared online, Flickr has since fumbled the football. Former Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ discusses what might be next in the world of photo-sharing.
  • Jack Reznicki on Copyright – Veteran photographer Jack Reznicki discusses some of the copyright issues photographers are facing regarding sharing images online. Including image theft and litigation.
  • Scott Bourne on Lightroom – A light-hearted discussion with the one and only Scott Bourne regarding his decision to utilize both Adobe Photoshop Lightroom AND Apple’s Aperture application.
  • Joe McNally on Small Strobe Photography – Joe talks about his past, present, and some things he has lined up in the future with regard to his personal growth as a photographer. We talk about gear, and why sometimes it just doesn’t matter.
  • Trey Ratcliff on High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography – Listen in as this HDR pioneer breaks down why he does what he does. We also get into some of the controversy surrounding HDR photography and Trey’s no-holds-barred opinions on the topic.
  • Thomas Hawk on Shooting for a Goal – Social media guru and professional photographer Thomas Hawk and I sit down to discuss why he has set a personal goal to shoot, and publish, over one million photographs in his lifetime. Can he do it?
  • Moose Peterson on Nature Photography – If you’ve ever had aspirations to become a nature photographer, or if you just want to take better shots in your back yard, this interview will inspire you with easy to follow nature photography tips.
  • Richard Harrington on Being Creative – One of the biggest challenges facing any creative person is how to stay creative. Richard brings it home in this talk about how he continually finds inspiration.
  • David Duchemin on Vision – Many beginning photographers mistakenly assume that having expensive gear will make them a great photographer. David explains how having a vision is much more important.
  • Katrin Eismann on Photographic Education – Today, there are more ways to learn the craft of photography than ever before. Katrin is a recognized authority in the photographic education world. She explains the best way to learn this amazing art.
  • Rick Sammon on being Omni-present – How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s the kind of advice Rick gives to people faced with being a master at both business and photography.
  • Syl Arena on Small Strobe Photography – Thanks to better and more powerful small strobes and speedlites, it’s less necessary to purchase those gigantic studio strobes in order to create studio lighting — Syl explains how.
  • Michael Corsentino on Personal Branding – Photographers, more now than ever, are responsible and empowered to create their own brands. The Internet has made reaching millions of people easy — but once you reach them, what do you say?
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