Shut Up and Shoot


Shut Up & Shoot is an instant access audio course designed for photographers. After listening to these short audio tutorials you’ll be challenged, inspired, and surprised at the things you’ll learn. Each audio lesson is designed to open your eyes about a particular type of photography and get you excited about trying it.

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Product Description

1. Using Your Digital Camera
It all starts here. Your digital camera should be an extension of you! You should know it inside and out and be comfortable with all of its various modes. This module will get you started.

2. Focusing on Composition
Composition is one of the fundamental photography skills you’ll need to master, or at least have an understanding of. This module will break down composition, and how you can use it to move your photos to the next level.

3. Travel Photography
These days even the most modest gear can yield some amazing results. In this module you’ll learn how to grab professional quality images while lounging on the beach during your vacation!

4. Using Light and Shadow
Light and shadow are the basic components of photography. Learning how to see and use these two opposing forces effectively will help you to not only see the world differently, but also how to effectively use light and shadow in your projects.

5. Landscape Photography
Almost everyone loves shooting landscapes. But very few people can achieve results that are worthy of being hung on the wall. In this module, you’ll learn how to capture some brag-worthy landscapes.

6. Shooting Without a Tripod
There are many situations where it’s necessary to shoot with a tripod. But what if you find yourself in one of those situations… WITHOUT your tripod? Fortunately there are a few tricks you can employ to salvage the situation.

7. Portrait Photography
Portraits are one of the oldest forms of photography. And there are a few rules, or guidelines that you can follow to ensure you create cherished portraits of your friends and family. This module will focus on explaining some of the more timeless techniques.

8. Pet Photography
We all love our pets, but they can be some of the most challenging subjects around to capture a decent photograph of. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can use to increase your chances of grabbing a great shot of spot.

9. Event Photography
It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an event photographer, or not. If you’re known as the family or group photographer eventually you’ll be tasked to cover an event. This module covers a few tips to help you create some great event photos!

10. Blog Photography
There are several stock agencies out there that you can purchase some amazing images for your blog from. But you’ve got that fancy camera… so why not create your own “stock”?! This module walks through some tips on how to shoot stock images for your blog.


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