Essential Web Marketing 1

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This video course is designed to be a kick-start for your marketing efforts. Have you ever been dumb-founded about how best to approach social media, email marketing, posting to your blog? This course demystifies it all.

In this course, photography industry marketing guru Zach Prez takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know.

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Product Description

1. Social Media Marketing
Learn how to use powerful social media tools to grow your business easier than you ever thought possible.

2. Creating Perfect Web Pages
Learn exactly which web pages will work best for your business and how to structure them for maximum impact.

3. Tracking your Progress
Knowledge is power. Understanding how your efforts are working (or not working) allows you to turn on a dime. You’ll never waste time.

4. The Perfect Keywords
There’s an art to naming your blog posts, page titles, and more. You’ll learn how to keywords can separate you from your competition.

5. Optimizing Images
You may be an expert in Lightroom, but when you post your images online you’ll need to optimize their titles and descriptions for the search engines. Learn exactly how!

6. Link Building
Building an awesome site is only a part of the battle. Getting folks to link back to you is the other side of the equation. Learn how to get folks to link back to your site.


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