My Favorite Lightroom 5 Features!

Welcome to a quick overview of some of my favorite features in Lightroom 5. Watch these short videos to get up to speed on some of the most amazing tools in the de-facto digital asset management application for photographers.

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  1. Really enjoyable and valuable, Frederick. I really settled in for the show via your casual relaxed manner. Not too intensive, but digestibly just right. You presented sales-winning features . . . enough for me to upgrade when 5 comes out . . . and I had been hoping I finally wouldn’t have to upgrade for awhile.

  2. Well done. Glad to see where keys are located. Too many others just say name of key leaving me no idea even where to search. Liked the friendly style of the presentations. Thanks.

  3. So well presented! Quietly confident with the application and simple to follow. Your enthusiasm with LR5 is clear yet not approaching the realms of fanboy ism. One thing though, during the video of yourself notice the image sort of wobble at the edges. Did someone forget to turn off the image stabilisation on the lens?

    As per usual great work.


  4. Thanks Gordon! Being the experimenter I am, I recorded the video with my new Olympus OMD + 45mm lens attached. I made the mistake of leaving it in auto-focus mode. Solution… MANUAL FOCUS. 😉

  5. Thank you Frederick. Nice presentation.

  6. Nice set of videos Frederick, you have also convinced me to upgrade to LR5 when it is released.

  7. Thank you for well made concise videos. Normally, I love to explore new features. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to do it.

  8. Great job Fred! Valuable information presented in your usual relaxed style. I’m a big fan.

    I’ve followed TWIP since the early days. Though I miss Steve Simon it’s still my favorite photography podcast. You’re a great host.

    I’ve used Lightroom since version 1 and can’t wait for LR5. It’s the base of all my photo processing.

  9. Great information in “bytes size” pieces. Well done. The fruit dresses the set beautifully – is it real. It reminds me of the old kodak test negative for colour printing :O)

  10. Thanks Laurie. Yep, the fruit is/was real. Most of it has been eaten now though. 😉

  11. +1 to all of the comments, very concise and effective videos. Having also just purchased the OMD, I was impressed with the video. Would you share how you set up the camera?

  12. Thanks David, I appreciate that. The OMD was set up on aperture priority. I was shooting with the Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens (set to f4) and the light was from large windows just behind the camera position. The camera was set to auto-focus (mistake) hence the focus hunting, and the audio was captured directly into the camera via an Audio Technica lav mic, plugged via Olympus SEMA-1 external mic adapter. Editing was done in ScreenFlow.

  13. Thank-you Frederick. Looking forward to TWIP today.

  14. That’s some nice sharp looking video! (I didn’t notice the AF adjust till I blew it up to full screen) Nice “set” and lighting if you did any. Look like a nice natural light kitchen!

  15. Thanks Jay! Yep, it’s pretty bright in my kitchen.

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