3 Marketing Secrets for Photographers

1. Email Service Providers

In this segment of the video I discuss the benefits of signing up for an Email Service Provider (ESP). The examples I give are Aweber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp. There are many more to choose from, but these are the ones I believe stand out from the pack for our needs (as photographers). In the video I mention the concept of “email deliverability“, the ability for your message to actually reach its intended recipient.

Email is the backbone of any Internet based business. Owning your list and effectively managing it is key to maintaining a relationship with your prospects, leads and customers. Be sure to check out the tutorials on the Aweber, Constant Contact and MailChimp sites to get up to speed before signing up.

Email Service Providers

2. Photo Gallery Services

Having a “killer” gallery and website are no longer optional. In the past, photographers could afford to think of their website as optional or an after thought. In today’s Internet economy, as a photographer, your website should be your FIRST priority. First impressions are everything in the world of subjective visual communication, and your website is a reflection of not only who you are as a photographer, but who you are as a business person and even just a person in general. In this section of the video I present three fantastic options for you to choose from when contemplating putting together your gallery.

Smugmug, Zenfolio and 500px are just  few of the amazing options available for photographers today. The choices range from fully hosted, to DIY. I suggest you lean more towards the fully hosted solutions. After all, who want’s to be stuck maintaining a website when you could be out shooting?!

Photo Gallery Services

3. Educational Resources

One of the coolest things about photography is that it never stops changing. We’re constantly bombarded with new techniques, gear, software and sharing options. As a photographer, you should always be learning new things, figuring things out, experimenting and otherwise growing as a photographers. And to do this, there are several insanely cool resources online to help you feed your inner knowledge monster.

KelbyOne is a fantastic resource from which you can be taught by dozens of top name photographers. CreativeLive is new site with a unique business model — watch the workshops live, for free. Then pay a fee to watch them later on demand. And finally, the grandmother of them all…. Lynda.com. Lynda has pretty much all of the bases covered when it comes to resources. And of course there’s YouTube. It’s free, it’s everywhere and has a ton of content. But you have to dig a bit to find the nuggets.

Educational Resources
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